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January 2000 - March 2019

Freelance - Illustration and Graphic Design

Creation of children's designs: backpacks and stationery. Roller-printing and surface design at Busquets Gruart.

Seasonal cards: Greeting cards, Weddings, Christmas. Clients: Cruz Roja, Save the Children, Cáritas, Busquets Gruart.

Design of Scrapbooking craft kits and DIY fabric products.

Branding and corporate identity.

Editorial illustration for children's publications. Collaboration with national and international publishers.

Clients: Barça Kids, Ed. Proteus, Ed. The Galera, Ed. Circle of Readers, E-public Publishers Korea, Éditions Océan France and China, Ed. Edebé, Enciclopèdia Catalana. 

March 2015 - Dec. 2022

Graphic design-
Busquets Gruart

Positional designs and roller-printing for children and teenager's products, textiles and stationery.

Creation of Mockups and/or technical sheets necessary for quotation of new products. Adaptation of artworks for printing in different media. Prepress: Harmonization of color. Experience with domestic and Asian suppliers.

Creation of catalogs, photo retouching of products. Design of moodboards, models or physical prototypes and digital simulations, for the presentation of products, in the pre-production phase.

January 2021 - News

Freelance - Editorial illustration

Editorial illustration for children's publications. Creation of preliminary Storyboards to set on the illustrative style and graphic structure of the narrative.

Illustration of characters and concepts for school textbooks. Mastery of the digital environment (Adobe Creative suite) illustration by hand, with traditional tools: Ink, watercolor, collage, paper sculpture.

Most notable published titles: The legend of Hue Mulan. Ed. Barcanova, 2021. A baby in the belly. Ed Barcanova, 2022. Victor and the console. Ed. Salvatella and Mútua Terrassa, 2022. Clara's journey. Ed. Salvatella, 2022. The box of memories. Ed Salvatella and Mútua Terrassa, 2023

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